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Both our food grade single face and pizza pads can withstand baking,

are nonstick, FDA approved, and AIB certified.

Single Face Corrugated

  • B Flute: 1/8” flute height provides a more rigid support system and an increased resistance to flat crushing, as compared to A flute.
  • E flute: 1/16” flute height provides the highest resistance to flat crushing. Furthermore, this flute provides an outstanding printing surface for direct print or litholamination.
  • C flute: 5/32” flute provides excellent cushioning for breakable food products such as shells, wafers, cones, etc. This protective barrier is the perfect solution to ensure a product stays intact upon arriving to the end user.

This cushioning material is a standard packaging option with an impressive range of industrial, structural, and design applications. The vast array of functionality lends single face corrugated to a versatility that has been demonstrated time and time again throughout its history.

Packaging and Pads R Us, LLC has significant experience in supplying customers with tailormade single face solutions that solve a variety of unique requirements and specifications. Whether your needs are regarding protection or a speciality packaging, Packaging and Pads R Us, LLC will provide a complete compilation of single face solutions catered to you.

Food Service Single Face

  • FDA approved.
  • AIB certified.
  • Bakeable.
  • Non-stick.

A protective packaging solution for food products such as wafers, crackers, cookies, cones, and taco shells (to name a few). Due to the versatile ability of this packaging that can be baked in the oven with the end product, it can be designed to work perfectly for endless applications.


Pizza Pads

  • FDA approved.
  • AIB certified.
  • Bakeable.
  • Non-stick.

Our pizza pads serve a multitude of highly important functions when it comes to preserving the quality of a pizza pie. First and foremost, forget the dilemma of an undesirable soggy crust because our pad will pull the grease and moisture away from the pie. With the pizza and grease separated, the customer will enjoy a more crisp and fresh pie. Additionally, our pads help to keep the pie insulated and warmer, resulting in a higher overall temperature for longer periods of time. Overall, investing in pizza pads will result in a more enjoyable customer experience that can only further promote your business endeavours.

Cohesive Single Face

  • Package conforms to contents shape eliminating voids.
  • Light weight saving sender money on shipping costs.
  • Provides more padding than bubble, outstanding corner protection and rigid edge protection.
  • Customizable to your specific requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Cohesive Single Face is ideal for packaging material when cushioning and stability are necessary to ensure your products protection during shipping, handling and storage. Cohesive single face provides a tight cohesive seal for your product’s protection and can be opened easily with the addition of a tear strip or perforation.There are several different single face packages that can be created using automated packaging equipment.